Split Costs Without The Fuss

Be a Hero, and then collect!

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After being the Hero and eating a large groups' charge, we're here to help you get what's coming to you; Payback!

Add your friends from your social network, or just input their phone number. Then get ready to goat!



Fine-tune your split. You're more likely to get paid if you request your money on your contacts' preferred payment platform. Adjust the totals and make sure all is fair. It's not about nickels and dimes, but making sure the guy that got the double surf'n'turf pays the lion's share!



Lock your totals and charge away! Billy Goat will send the payment requests and keep you up to date with who's paid what!

Quit fighting to get paid. Let us help.
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Contact Us

Billy Goat is still just in its prototype phase, but we hope to launch sometime in the fall of 2015. Have an idea? a question? a comment? Maybe just a good goat pun?

Drop us a tweet @billygoatapp.

Taking the world by storm late 2015.
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